Lian Hoe Leong & Brothers Pte Ltd specializing in distributing petrochemical products for the manufacturing, marine and transport industries spanning 7 decades. With and extensive partnership background with reputable oil company, we offered wide range of products from automotive, lubricants, diesel fuels and marine applications. Combined with our professional, efficient and reliable services, we guarantee our clientele genuine products and a world class supply chain at their disposal.

Our Services

Supply of Products

Market various brands products for automotive, lubricants, diesel fuels and marine applications

Technical Support

Highly trained technical staff providing professional technical and application insight based on customers needs


We offer complete transport solutions along the logistics chain to ensure that products arrive safely and on time

Reliability is key

Major oil company distributor 
70,000 sqf of warehouse and office space

Efficient support

Dedicated and experienced operations, sales team 
Own fleet of vehicles including trucks and tankers

Quality assurance

         Demonstrate requirements of ISO , implement administrative
and procedural tasks to deliver quality products and services

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